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Rumble Pak, Quake Pak, Tremor Pak, oh my!

    Rumble Pak, Quake Pak, Tremor Pak, oh my! With the endless list of third-party rumble devices on the market today, one my ask the question, "What Pak is right for my N64 and I?" I took the time to review the three, most popular, N64 rumble devices around. Such devices include Nintendo's offical Rumble Pak, the Tremor Pak, and the Quake Pak.
    Many people purchase the offical Rumble Pak ($21.95), which made its debut along side Star Fox 64. I tested Nintendo's Rumble Pak with a few games, Rampage: World Tour, Goldeneye 007, and a few others. I found the RP (Rumble Pak) to be pretty good. For its low price tag, the Rumble Pak is ideal for the budget-minded gamer, who doesn't mind about vibration speeds and what not. The Rumble Pak really rocked when tested on the Rampage: World Tour game. You could feel every bullet and bomb through this little device.
    Next, I tested the Quake Pak. It was also very good when tested with such games as Goldeneye and Rampage. I thought that it had a better sensory chip than the Rumble Pak, though. The Quake Pak is also reccomended for budget-minded gamers.
    Finally, I brought out the Tremor Pak Plus. This baby was just too sweet! Not only was it a rumble device with vibration settings, but it included an extra slot for use with a memory card. You could hook up a Tremor Pak and a memory card at the same time, and the Tremor Pak is compatible with all types of N64 memory cards. I felt as if this was the better device, because of what it had to offer. The package I purchased also included a memory card (2 for 1 deal)! The vibration settings featured the intense high setting, and the power saving low feature. It uses regular AA batteries (Not included).
    In conclusion, I think that the Tremor Pak Plus is the best deal for budget and not so budget-minded gamers. You can find any of these devices at,, or

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