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Tips and Secrets for: South Park 64
Creator: Acclaim
Genre: Action/Adventure
Players: 4
ESRB Rating: Mature (Ages 17+)
Rumble Pack and Expansion Pack compatible

Performance Points: 8

Some Playing Tips

Strafing is very useful in almost any situation when you need to aim and move into a room without losing your aim. Strafing is basically just like stepping sideways without changing the direction of your body. If you are shooting several bad guys in a room, and you need to turn a corner to get to them, you can strafe out and aim and shoot at them, then strafe behind the protection of the wall and repeat this until all the bad guys have been killed; this will cut back on the amount of times you are shot by a lot.

    These cheats can be entered by going to the Enter Cheat section off of the main menu.
Cheat Code Description
BOBBYBIRD Enable All Cheat Codes
ASSMAN Invincibility
FATKNACKER All weapons enabled
OMGTKKYB All characters enabled in Multiplayer
SLAPUPMEAL Enable Starvin Marvin in Multiplayer
PHAERT Enable Phillip in Multiplayer
RAFT Enable Terrance in Multiplayer
DOROTHYSFRIEND Enable Mr. Garrison in Multiplayer
CHEATINGISBAD Enable Mr. Mackey in Multiplayer
LOVEMACHINE Enable Chef in Multiplayer
CHECKATACO Enable Wendy in Multiplayer
FISHNCHIPS Enable PIP in Multiplayer
KICKME Enable Ike in Multiplayer
ALLWOMAN Enable Mrs. Cartman in Multiplayer
GOODSCIENCE Enable Mephisto in Multiplayer
STARINGFROG Enable Jimbo in Multiplayer
HAWKING Enable Ned in Multiplayer
OUTRAGE Enable Big Gay Al in Multiplayer
ELVISLIVES Enable Barbrady in Multiplayer
MAJESTIC Enable Alien in Multiplayer
VEGGIEHEAVEN Enable Skinny in Multiplayer
MEGANOGGIN Big Head Mode in Multiplayer
PLANEARIUM Pen and Ink Mode in Multiplayer
SCREWYOUGUYS View End of Game Credits

These codes were written by Alex Noe (

Nintendo, Nintendo64 and the 3-D "N" logo are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc.