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F-Zero X
Creator: Nintendo
Genre: Race
Players: 4
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Rumble Pack Compatible

Performance points: 7

Review Number:
1          2

Review #1
    This futuristic racing game is Nintendo's answer to Sony Playstation's "Wipeout". The graphics aren't nearly as good but the race courses themselves are more creative, twisting and turning left, right and upside down. With 30 cars of all different descriptions and four different skill levels this game from a racing standpoint is very fun but only has 5 tracks. It is a little too complex and confusing for younger users but anyone 13 or older can enjoy this game. For good racing but very weak graphics I would give this game 7 performance points.

This Article was written by George Olken (

Review #2

The sequel to the Super Nintendo game is out. F-Zero X has hit stores with a monster attitude and monster selling. 30 cars, more than 20 tracks, and 3 difficulty levels make up the excitement of the game, along with the new X feature.

The X feature is a new feature for racing that allows the game itself to improvise the tracks! You guess right, you music majors, the game makes up random tracks as you go along in the X Cup! You can't beat a feature like that in a racing game!

Another feature that is new for multiplayer action is a slot machine that costs not a cent. If you happen to retire during the race, a slot machine will come up that will let you try and make the other surviving racers lose. Such prizes include destroying certain players, destroying all players, destroying the player in first, and reducing everyone's power to practically nothing.

A third feature is the control you get over selecting your car. Not only do you have 30 cars to choose from, but you can change the color and the setting of your engine for speed, whether you want more acceleration or more top speed. You can also rotate the car on this screen to check underneath it and around it.

This game is such a good sequel to its previous start on the SNES. If you're a video game racer who listens to techno, dyes their hair, and spikes it up high, this is the perfect game for you! If you're not, you will want to play this game. I guarantee!

By Head Reviewer Jack Furlong (

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