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Madden NFL 99
Creator: Electronic Arts
Genre: Sports/Football
Players: 4
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Memory Pack Compatible

Performance points: 9

    Madden 99 sticks with the regular game style from previous Madden games. It has the two man comentary, excellent graphics, great sound, perfect motion, and numerous plays to choose from. The best thing about this game has to be the feature where you can make your own plays. I haven't had this much fun since making levels for Duke Nukem 3D. You also have the fantasy draft feature from Madden 64 which I love doing. I have never seen a game with so many stats. They have every little detail about every single player. It blows your mind. One thing I really like is the dances that the players do in the end zone after they they rip past everyone for the touch down. People get really funky sometimes. Also the tackles are gigantic, not as much as NFL Blitz but you still flip guys on their backs or give them a beautifully performed power slam. If you're a major football fan and liked previous Madden games go ahead and buy Madden 99. I rate this game a fantastic 9.

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