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Super Mario 64
Creator: Nintendo
Genre: Adventure
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Not for use with Memory Card and/or Rumble Pack

Performance Points: 9.5

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"Let's pickle!"
    The Nintendo 64 bursts out onto the scene, and, of course, Mario is right behind him. Being one of the first two games to be produced for the N64, Super Mario 64 is a fun classic. Released well over two years ago, this game captures the heart of Mario fans everywhere; it brings back much from the past, and it adds from the future.
    Super Mario 64 contains 15 regular levels and many bonus levels. The object is to collect each of seven stars from each level and unlock certain doors with them; by doing this, you get a step closer to rescuing the Princess everytime. Many gamers have complained of one or two big mistakes in the game, the big one: Luigi. Where'd he go? Super Mario 64 was hoped to be two player like every classic Mario Bros. game, but unfortunately, Luigi was stuck at home devouring the pasta that Mario didn't eat. Also not seen in this game, the fire flower. Back at day one, the fire flower was the major power up for the Bros., where humble fans couldn't make out if they were throwing fireballs or spitting them out of their mouths. Third, our invincibility tar has been changed. The stars are what you collect to unlock the castle, and in their place comes three special caps: the red wing cap, the green metal cap, and the blue invisible cap, which, in my opinion, do better jobs of replacement than Jon Stewart does for Craig Kilborn. The true sign of a quality product is when customers shorten the name so they can say it quicker and better; I've done that by replacing the metal and invisible cap with the Terminator and Particle Man, respectively. To point out some of the new things in the game, coins have become a big part of the game. By collecting 100 gold coins (which we all remember as the classic coins from way back), you can achieve a star for the level you are playing called the "100 coin star" (original, isn't it?). Red coins, which are new, count as two gold coins, and if you collect eight of them, you can retrieve a star. Blue coins, which count as five gold coins, are activated by a certain switch, and only remain for a period of time, but they help you with your quest for the "100 coin star."
    Another new addition to the game are slides. There are a few levels and bonus levels which require you to slide down a huge slide, collecting coins and extra lives, and trying to beat something, whether it be a time or another racer. Just maneuvering down the slide is enough fun!
    In conclusion, I think this game is an absolute classic (probably why it was awarded the player's choice award). If you are a Nintendo fan, you have to own it. You don't know what you're missing until you play this game!

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