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Mission Impossible: Expect the Impossible
Creator: Infogames
Genre: Adventure
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: T (Teen)
Rumble Pack Compatible; Not Controller Pack Compatible

Performance points: 6.5

    This is a good spy game, but nothing more. You will go through 5 missions, 21 levels. Some can be hard to figure out how to get through, while others can be beaten in a few seconds. I have two complaints about this game, there is no replay value and your movement is very restricted. For each level you must follow a planned course, and if you falter, the game will automatically abort and you will have to start over again. Most would think that after 3 years of development that this game would let you have some freedom. It doesn't.
    As you play you will be in a third person point of view, but if you want to target something with your gun you will go to a first person point of view. There is a limited amount of guns for this game, only four. A handgun, silenced handgun, uzi, and mini rocket launcher. Another thing this game needs is a multiplayer mode. This is what helped set Golden Eye above all other games.
    One thing this game does have is good graphics. Your surroundings are very clear. This must be what Inforgrams and Ocean spent their time doing; personally, I would rather have good gameplay then good graphics.
    You'll beat this game very fast and since there is no replay value you're done with it after a short time.
    Overall, I would tell those who like spy game to buy this. Otherwise don't spend you money on a game that will be fun for a week or two. I give this game a 6.5.

This Article was written by Chad Murphey.

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