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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
Creator: LucasArts
Genre: Action/Adventure
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: T (ages 13+)
Rumble Pack and Expansion Pack compatible

Performance Points: 8

    Beside the fact of how many Star Wars fanatics exist, the fact that this game was the first high-quality 3-D game to be made for Nintendo64 that actual looks really good, while at the same time having incredible sound. Because of these two key factors the game is much better than it would have been.
    The game itself is based on the book series Rogue Squadron and involves the player in over 15 missions in which they act as rebels and fight against the empire. There are five different ships and many new regions for you to fly in.
    By now your probably wondering what the problems with this incredible game are, well the major problem would have to be that it is, just like its ancestors, one player. Most of you probably don't mind this but I simply can't wait for a game as high quality as this one that would allow you to battle away with one or more players sitting next to you.
    To sum it up it is a game with incredible 3-D graphics and stereo sound in which you fly around in a ship and fight against the empire, basically the same idea as the rest of the games in the Star Wars series. The game also doesn't look as unbelievable as its supposed to unless you buy the $30 4mb ram Expansion Pack, to boost your systems graphics, in addition to the already expense game. I would have to give this a 8 on the Nintendo Empire Performance Points scale.
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