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WCW vs. nWo: World Tour
Creator: THQ - Toy Headquarters
Genre: Action/Wrestling
Players: 4
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Rumble Pack and Memory Card Compatible

Performance points: 9

    This was one of the best wrestling games developed for the Nintendo 64 to date. The game featured graphics far superior to any of its predecessors on the Sony Playstation or any other console. The lack of theme music and ringside announcers prevented this game from receiving a perfect ten. Featuring weapons such as steel chairs, baseball bats, and broken tables, World Tour had enough violence and blood (Very little blood), to keep even the most blood hungry gamers happy. The audience looked pretty realistic, and their cheers and boos were very real. With such moves as the power bomb, ddt, inverted atomic drop, and low blow, even the most hardcore of wrestling fans would agree that this was close to the real thing. This game is great for fans of wrestling and action games. Nintendo and THQ did a lot of research to develop this game, with the help of World Championship Wrestling of course.

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