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Tips and Secrets for: Extreme G
Creator: Acclaim
Genre: Racing
Players: 2
ESRB Rating: K-A (Kids to Adults)
Rumble Pack and Controller Pack Compatible

Performance points: 7

    To enter these codes, go to the bike selection screen and press R, then go up to you name and change it the the code. You can do multiply codes and you don't have to keep your name as the code all of the time. If you do this correctly you will hear a tone. To deactivate the code, just re-enter it in.

ROLLER - All bikes will be turned into boulders.
FISHEYE - Views the race with a fisheye lens; puts the camera farther away from the bike; adds an additional feeling of speed to the game, though distorted.
MAGNIFY - Makes everything on the screen look much bigger; puts the camera on the front of the bike; very noticeably slows the game down, so this might be good for players who think the game is too fast.
STEALTH - All bikes become invisible, leaving only the shadows.
BANANA - Makes the track extra slippery.
WIRED - Changes the game into a wireframe mode. Cool effect.
ANTIGRAV - Wanna get sick? Try racing the tracks with everything upside down!
GHOSTLY - Changes the background to being transparent.
XTREME - Not fast enough for you? Want to set some time trial records? This pumps your bike's speed up to the max. Look out for those walls!
UGLYMODE - Graphics become pixelated.
NITROID - Gives you unlimited nitros. When used, the game uses the above "fisheye" cheat to make it seem even more powerful.
ARSENAL - Randomly gives you any of the missile weapons every few seconds; press the Fire Secondary Weapon button to take advantage of this.

The following codes are entered at the Password screen. (That's in the Options menu.) There will be no sound when you enter them correctly; you just go to the appropriate mode that would have the addition.

51GG95 - Gives you access to all levels and Roach.
61GGB5 - Opens all tracks on all worlds as well as giving you access to both The Roach and Neon bikes.
81GGD5 - Ultimate password! Unlocks all regular tracks, both hidden bikes (Roach and Neon), and the special hidden track!

These codes were written by Charlie Humes (

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