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    Here are all the codes that we have been able to put up on the page so far but we have other games that we are just finishing the code pages for so don't forget to come back and check them out.
    We are now accepting reviews and codes from anyone. If you choose to submit a review of a game your name will be placed underneath it and your email address. If you would like to submit an entire review, a code, or even just a suggestion that you want us to review please send an email to

Title of Game                                                                 Performance Points Genre Players
All Star Baseball '99 8 Sports/Baseball 2
Battle Tanx 8 Action 4
Extreme G 7 Racing 2
F-Zero X 7 Race 4
Goldeneye, 007 9 Action 4
Mario Kart 64 9 Racing 4
Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA 9 Driving 2
South Park 64 8 Action/Adventure 4
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 8 Action/Adventure 1
Super Mario 64 8 Adventure 1
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter 7 Action/Adventure 1
Turok2: Seeds of Evil 9 Action/Adventure 4
WCW/NWO Revenge 8 Sports/Wrestling 4
Zelda: Ocarina of Time 10 Adventure 1
More to Come!!!

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