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    This is a compilation of links to the best Nintendo 64 and gaming web sites on the internet.

Nintendo 64 Cheats and Reviews Top 50 Nintendo 64 Sites
Smoke's N64 Cheat Page
The Supreme Zelda Page - Videogame Magazine
Nintendo 64 Champion
Free Stuff Center
The Nth Dimension
The Sports Gaming Network
Cheat Station
The Buzz On N64
Nintendo 64 Codes +
N64 Australia
Multimedia 64
Nintendo 64 Web
The Game Revolution
Omega Games
Nintendo 64 Cheat Sheet
United Gaming Association
Zelda X-treme
Brians Ultimate Zelda 64 Page
64 Gamers Paradise
Zelda Power
Bigmike's Videogame World
Mongoose's Dweling
Bigmike's Videogame World
Europa 64
Gaming Headquarters

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