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Tips and Secrets for: 007 Goldeneye
Creator: Rareware
Genre: Action
Players: 4
ESRB Rating: T(ages 13+)
Rumble Pack Compatible

Performance points: 9

Tips and Secrets

Using the onscreen target is a very good habit to get into when you are far away from a target and can be done by pressing either the L or R buttons at the top of the controller. When you are close to a target onscreen aiming is unnecessary because the game automatically aims for you within a close distance.

Strafing is very useful in almost any situation when you need to aim and move into a room without losing your aim, it is done by using the right and left C, yellow, buttons. Strafing is basically just like stepping sideways without changing the direction of your body. If you are shooting several bad guys in a room, and you need to turn a corner to get to them, you can strafe out and aim and shoot at them, then strafe behind the protection of the wall and repeat this until all the bad guys have been killed; this will cut back on the amount of times you are shot by a lot.

This helps quite a bit when playing multiplayer mode because it adds on a little extra time for you because your opponent has to aim down, instead of straight. Simply holding either the L or R buttons, at the top of the controller, and the bottom C, yellow, button and then releasing both at the same time. To stand up you simply press either L or R.

When shooting enemies with an automatic weapon it is better to shoot in bursts, it damages them more.

All the Weapons
Weapon Maximum Ammo Possible Ammo in Each Magazine
Hand Not Applicable Not Applicable
PP7 800 7
KF7 Soviet (has zoom) 400 30
Sniper Rifle (has zoom) 400 8
DD44 Dostovei 800 8
Klobb 800 20
D5K Deutsche 800 30
Phantom 800 50
Automatic Shotgun 100 5
ZMG(9MM) 800 32
US AR33 Assault Rifle (has zoom) 400 30
RC-P90 800 80
Golden Gun 100 1
Grenade 12 1
Grenade Launcher 12 6
Throwing Knife 10 1
Rocket Launcher 3 1
Tank 50 1
Laser Unlimited Not Applicable
Plastic Explosive 10 1
Remote Mine 10 1
Timed Mine 10 1
Proximity Mine 10 1

Getting Hidden Characters:
Once you beat all the missions on any difficulty level you'll get 25 new hidden characters. They have the same ability as the regular characters but just simply look different. You can get a total of 33 characters including the regular ones.

Getting Cheat Codes:
To receive cheat codes you must complete certain missions under a specific time. Here are all the levels on which you can get cheat codes:

Level Cheat Code Time to beat (in Minutes)
On Agent Mode
Runway Donkey Kong Mode 5:00
Silo Fast Mode 3:00
Bunker 2 Double Throwing Knives 1:30
Streets All Enemies with Rockets 1:45
Jungle Double Hunting Knives 3:45
Cradle Gold PP7 (if over 2:15, Cougar Magnum) 2:15
On Secret Agent
Dam Paint Ball 2:40
Surface Double Grenade Launchers 3:30
Frigate No Radar in multiplayer 4:30
Statue Park Fast Animation 3:15
Depot Slow Animation 1:40
Control Infinite Ammo 10:00
Aztec Complex Double Lasers (if over 9:00 Single Laser) 9:00
On 00 Agent
Facility Invincible 2:05
Bunker Double Rocket Launchers 4:00
Surface 2 Tiny Bond 4:15
Archives Invisible 1:20
Train Silver PP7 5:25
Caverns Double RC-P90's 9:30
Egyptian Temple All Guns (if over 6:00, Golden Gun) 6:00
These codes were written by Alex Noe (

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