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Tips and Secrets for: RUSH 2: Extreme Racing USA
Creator: Midway
Genre: Driving
Players: 2
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Rumble Pack and Memory Pak Compatible

Performance points: 9

Getting Hidden Cars

    For collecting the keys that are on each course you receive hidden cars on that course. You receive one car for every 4 keys that you get; there are 12 keys on each track.
    When you collect the four mountain cans on each course you receive the Mountain Dew Racer.
    There are a total of six cars that can be received (when you get all the keys and Mountain Dew cans on a course the cars are only available on that course) the cars are:
1. Taxi
2. Hot Rod
3. Formula 1
4. Prototype (you receive this once all 12 keys)
5. Mountain Dew Racer
6. Rocket Car (the process to get this is explained below)

Getting the Secret Track and Rocket Car

    When you come in first place for an entire circuit, a circuit is 28 races, you receive the secret Midway Office course, were you drive around in a giant version of the offices, and the rocket car. If you don't come in first but still finish you will still get the Midway course but not the rocket car.

These codes were written by Alex Noe (

Go under setup and press L,R,Z, while holding these press all four C buttons. A new option will now open up, called cheats. There will be a list of cheats that will each need a code for them to work.


Press L,R,L,R,L,R

Hold L+R and then press Z,Z,Z,Z

Hold Z+C-Down and press C-Up, then hold Z+C-Up and press C-Down

Press C-Up four times, quickly

These codes were written by Chad Murphey(

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