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007 GoldenEye
Creator: Rareware
Genre: Action
Players: 4
ESRB Rating: T(ages 13+)
Rumble Pack compatible

Performance points: 9

Review Number:
1          2

Review #1
    With realistic action sequences and an intense 4 person play feature GoldenEye has proven to be one of Nintendo64's most intellectually challenging and riveting games. Ther user most integrate strategy and problem solving into detailed 3D scenarios to satisfy objectives and move up in the game. A key feature which makes this game more then just an "good" is the stunning multiplayer. A feature that can keep, at one time, 4 players intensely concentrated in edge of your seat suspense and action. Hunting down the weak and evading the powerful is an addictive challenge this game sets forth. I would whole heartedly recommend this to all game users. For in depth single player mode and intense multiplayer that overshadows only mediocre graphics this game gets 9 performance points.

This Article was written by George Olken (

Review #2
"Bond here. Switch to Scrambler 4."

Head Reviewer Jack here is not only a video game guy, but is one of the biggest 007 fans in the USA. My question is, why is there a 007 after the title of the video game? The movie was called GoldenEye, not Goldeneye 007. And capitalize the third 'e', please?

This game, before The Legend of Zelda came out, was the best video game ever created. The game mimicked the movie almost perfectly in plot, the graphics were so real, and this game play was like nothing ever seen before. Let's put it this way: if you own a N64, you are stupid not to own this game!

The first shocking thing about this game is how you feel like your name is Bond...James Bond...and your martinis are shaken, not stirred. The first person is perfect in this game. Everything but the women is yours from this point of view.

Secondly, the guns in this game are so effective, you'll be the newest edition to Jimbo and Ned's guns. The guns are descriptive and exciting; the good side is that it's not that violent! If you can't stand violence in movies, trust me, you'll be okay with this.

Third, not only is this GoldenEye, but Moonraker, The Man With The Golden Gun, and Live and Let Die are all tied into extra levels in the game too! All you Sean Connery fans and Roger Moore fans should be in heaven by now.

Fourth, multiplayer in GoldenEye redefines the word multiplayer. Once you play it the first time, you and your friends will form a sleepover party without speaking a word and you will not sleep for at least 3 days! You can change the level, including levels never seen before, the characters, which you can get more and more with different things, the health, the control style, and the weapons. You won't be bored!

Fifth, and finally, since I don't want to be up all night writing this best selling novel, cheats are also very cool. Each level contains a cheat, and there are 23 cheats in all. If you have a GameShark, it gets better and better.

I give this game a 10. You cannot live without it. You want more info? Email me.

By Head Reviewer and 007 Expert Jack Furlong (

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