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Creator: Nintendo
Genre: Race
Players: 4
ESRB Rating: K-A (Kid-Adult)
Rumble Pack and Memory Pack compatible

Performance points: 8

    This fun filled race car game takes all our favorite Mario characters and puts them into a 16 course racing world with 3 basic skill levels. The graphics are fantastic bringing the once 2D world of Super Mario Bros. alive in a new light. The game has lost something from its original version for Super Nintendo, the Battle mode where players go head to head to harm each other with banana peels and turtle shells is nowhere near as complex or intense as it once was. The racing is still very good and players of all ages can enjoy this game. The racing is multifaceted, players can hold basic racing skills or learn the tricks that can pump the maximum speed out of the little cart. I would recommend this game to most players but warn those who have played the original MarioKart that battle is nothing of what it once was. For good graphics and fun filled racing but less charisma then some racing games I give this game 8 performance points.

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