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Major League Baseball Featuring: Ken Griffey Jr.
Creator: Nintendo
Genre: Sports/Baseball
Players: 2
ESRB Rating: K-A (Kids to Adults)
Rumble Pack Compatible

Performance points: 8

    This game features the man himself Ken Griffey Jr. With mind boggoling graphics, realistic sound, 100+ different batting stances, and millions of stats, this game is like all other previous MLB games. The one thing different about this game is that it is really fun to play. The one bad thing about it is that the learning curve is pretty big. The pitchers have many different pitches and each pitcher has his own special pitch.
    The computer is difficult unless you are really good and experienced. The cursor for each batter has a different size compared to how well they hit in real life. If they're a good hitter they have a bigger cursor. Of Course, Ken Griffey Jr. has a mother of a cursor. All in all this game is very fun to play and has lots of replay value. I give this game an excellent 8.

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